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Tutorial: Connecting a custom domain

In order for your domain to work with the Elastycloud service it needs to be pointed at our cluster. The preferred way of doing this is with an A record pointing at the appropriate cluster's load balancing IP (See: Cluster list). TODO: Add "Cluster list" address. Furthermore it is recommended that you set up a wildcard DNS entry, which makes it easier to set up stores without having to configure additional DNS records. TODO: "Just make sure that you reserve that domain." from the old docs -- is this valid?


In order for a domain to be successfully assigned to a deployment, it must first be pointed at our cluster.

Assigning new domains to an existing deployment

Once a domain is properly pointed at an Elastycloud cluster, you can proceed to add domains in the Magento administration interface.

  1. In the main menu on the left, go to Stores ‣ Domain Management and press Add new domain.
  2. Fill in the Domain name field with the appropriate, full domain name. Do not include the protocol. Note: If you want both and you will need to create two entries.
  3. Press Save Domain.
  4. Once a domain is listed and its status is set to Confirmed it can be assigned to a website or a store view. Additional information: Domain statuses TODO: Also test to make sure that the information above is accurate and up to date with the new website/storeview assignment content.

Assigning a domain to a website or store view

  1. In the main menu on the left, go to Stores ‣ Domain Assignment and press Add new assignment.
  2. Select the domain you want to use from the Domain dropdown menu.
  3. Select the scope you want to assign the domain to; choose either a Website or a Store view, not both.
  4. Select whether or not the assignment should be the master assignment. Additional information: Master domain assignment

Additional information

Domain statuses

The domain is being created in Console
Pending DNS
The domain is not connected to the cluster yet
The domain is ready to use
The domain was not accepted by Console, probably due to duplication
Pending deletion
The domain is deleted in Magento, and is awaiting deletion in Console

Master domain assignment

An assignment that is marked as master will be the "main" domain for that scope, which in Magento terms means that it is set as the "base url". That means that all links printed will use this domain, and all requests to other "non master" domains will be redirected to the master in the same scope.

That also means that you can have many "non master" assignments that all redirect to the same store. For instance when www and non-www should point to the same store.