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Prepare and push repository

To get a template for your repository you can use our skeleton-repository:

Open a terminal to a local folder where you want to create the repository and run the following command:

git clone
rm -rf skeleton-magento/.git

Replace package.key in skeleton-magento/elastycloud.yaml with your own package key.

Inside of the magento/ folder you will find composer.json, which contains a requirement for the meta-package elastycloud/package_magento-base. This is how all cloud related modules will be included in your project.

Set up a Git repository inside the folder that was created, add, and commit all files within, then push it to your own Bitbucket repository.

Repository structure

To initiate the project, run composer install in the Magento folder. This will fetch all the necessary Magento modules.

Once you have installed the project, the following files should be checked in to Git:

  • magento/app/etc/config.php
  • magento/composer.json
  • magento/composer.lock
  • elastycloud.yaml
  • .gitignore

All other files are optional.


You configure how this project is built in elastycloud.yaml.