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Email settings

While all stores are pre-configured to use our Mailgun account, it is highly recommended that you set up your own email handler.

You can do this for each store by using the Elastycloud_Smtp module.

  1. Sign in to the Magento administration interface for the store you want to configure.
  2. Navigate to Stores ‣ Configuration ‣ Advanced ‣ System ‣ Email Settings
  3. Select SMTP as the provider, and fill in the necessary details.

See also: Email defaults


You cannot use port 25 for outgoing emails. Most email service providers support alternative ports like 2525.

Using the Elastycloud Mailgun account

Look for an SPF record for the domain you are using for transactional emails. Add “” to the SPF record if it exists. Otherwise add a TXT-record with the value “v=spf1 ~all”.

Using your own Mailgun account

At the time of writing, Mailgun offers a 3 month trial period to evaluate the service.

  1. Create a Mailgun account.
  2. Log in and add a domain.
  3. Go to your DNS service provider and add the required TXT records, and validate this through the Mailgun administration interface.
  4. Set an A record for your domain, pointing to the IP you were assigned by Mailgun.
  5. Locate your SMTP login and password in the Mailgun domain editing interface.
  6. Enter the details in the Elastycloud_Smtp module (Stores ‣ Configuration ‣ Advanced ‣ System ‣ Email Settings). Provider="SMTP", port=2525, Auth type="Login" and Encryption="TLS".

Additional information

Email setting defaults

Provider SMTP
Host smtp.mailserver-relay
Port 2525
Auth type
Encryption None (the relay uses TLS towards Mailgun)