Understanding Elastycloud Entities


Overview of Elastycloud entities


This is the technical platform that enables the functions below.


A partner is a user on the platform that can use the functions below

Installation (project)

An installation is the envelope for a project, usually a M2 production web-site.


An installation will have one or more deployments. A deployment is a running M2 instance. The installation will have one production deployment (www.customer.com). It may also have several other deployments for development and testing. (stage.customer.com, test1.customer.com) etc…


A package contains the magento 2 software and all the add-ons and modifications the partner choose to add. The package is then used by one or more deployments. Packages will have versions, any changes to a package will create a new version of it. The package and version is then used by the deployment. A deployment can easily be updated to a new package version, usually with less than a second of downtime.

Database Server

A partner will have at least one database server. This is a SQL server that may host many deployments. When creating a new deployment a database is selected, this means that different servers may be used for different task, for example one server for production sites, another one for tests etc. Database servers have a fixed monthly cost regardless of usage.