Tutorial: Create an Admin user in your store


Once you have created a new deployment and gotten it installed you need a way to access it’s admin.


  1. You have to be a registered partner of Elastycloud
  2. You need to have an account and be able to sign in to Console
  3. You need an existing deployment


  1. Sign in to Console
  2. Go to Installations ‣ Deployments
  3. Find the deployment you want an admin account for and click Edit
  4. Click on the button Create Administrator in the top of the page, Click OK when asked to confirm.
  5. Select the lifetime of the toolkit, and if the IP-block should be enabled. When enabled only your current IP is allowed
  6. A modal will now show the link to the admin panel, your username and password. You can only see this once.
  7. A user in the store has now been scheduled for creation, and is usually created instantly. If the user already exists it is updated with the new password.


This feature relies on the store being installed and working, and having the module Elastycloud_BackendSignin installed and enabled.