Reserving a domain

When you point a whole domain with a wildcard (*) to one of our clusters it is recommended that reserve that domain so only you can deploy stores with it.


This is not needed when you only point single domains, and set up a deployment right away.

You reserve a domain by signing in to Console an navigate to: System ‣ Reserved Domains ‣ Reserve domain.

Above the form that shows is a token that you have to add to your DNS as a TXT record. How you do this is outside this documentation’s scope, please refer to your DNS service provider.

After you’ve added the TXT record, you enter the domain you’d like to reserve and hit Verify.

It usually take a few minutes before the DNS has been updated, but this depend entirely on your DNS service provider. If it takes a log time you can try Verifying later, the token is always the same for your account.