FTP Access

Connection Details

We recommend using SFTP on port 22 (FTP over SSH) since its encrypted by default and doesn’t require any firewall settings on your end to work.


FTP Host ftp.elastycloud.io
FTP Port 22
Protocol SFTP

Fallback for older systems:

FTP Host ftp.elastycloud.io
FTP Port 21
Protocol FTPS,FTP

Requesting a FTP User

Ftp users for your store can be requested though your Magento2 Admin Panel.

In your Magento2 admin panel: System ‣ FTP

Here you will find the multiselect Rights To specifies the different mounts available for your FTP user. So you can create a FTP account for a external warehouse management system etc without giving out more access then needed.

(optional) The textbox Subpath is the path to mount below the folder you choose above.


Rights to: Media Subpath: wysiwyg

Becomes the path: pub/media/wysiwyg

Note the Password field before you continue since you won’t be able to see it again.

FTP Account on a custom domain

When giving a FTP account to a third party or customer, you might want to hand out a FTP URL with a custom domain. To use a custom domain together with our FTP service simply do the following:

Point the domain/subdomain you want to use to this IP:

And your connection will work as normal.