Environment Versions

When defining your own package you can select the environment you wish the store to utilize.

This include the php-version, php-extensions, defined profiles, nginx-version and system patches.

Selecting the version you want is done by specifying a tag in elastycloud.yaml. Below is a list of the tags we currently maintain.

Environment Versions List


This version is recommended if you are running Magento 2.3.X. Magento 2.2.6 and under is not compatible with PHP 7.2.

php 7.2.21
nginx 1.10.3
mysql 5.7

This is the default and recommended tag to use. We will update this with the most current security patches and optimized profiles that is thoroughly tested, we will however be very careful so we do not introduce breaking changes.


php 7.1.30
nginx 1.10.3
mysql 5.7


This is where we test any new patches and features, DO NOT USE THIS.

php 7.1.21
nginx 1.6.2
mysql 5.7