Email Sending Settings

We have pre configured all stores to use our Mailgun account to send all transactional emails, it is however highly recommended that you set up your own handling for email sending.

Our module Elastycloud_Smtp allow you to configure the connection details for the outgoing server in each Magento Store.

  1. Sign in to the admin of the store you wish to configure
  2. Go to Stores ‣ Configuration ‣ Advanced ‣ System ‣ Email Settings
  3. Here you can choose Provider “SMTP”, then fill in all the connection details

The default settings are:

Provicer SMTP
Host smtp.mailserver-relay
Port 2525
Auth Type  


You can not use the default port 25 for outgoing emails since this is blocked. Most email providers do support alternate ports like 2525.

Using the elastycloud Mailgun account

Check for a spf in the domain that you use to send transactional emails. Add “” if an spf exists. If the spf is missing then you can add a TXT-record with the value “v=spf1 ~all”

Using your own Mailgun account

  1. Create an account at Mailgun.
  2. Add your credit card. When this document was created the first 10 000 emails per month were free but you still need to register a credit card.
  3. Login and add a domain.
  4. Go to your DNS-provider and add the required TXT-records and then validate the domain in the Mailgun admin.
  5. Set a A-record for your domain to point to the IP that you got assigned in Mailgun.
  6. The login details e.g “Default SMTP Login” and “Default Password” are found in the Mailgun account when editing a domain.
  7. Enter the login details in the Elastycloud_Smtp module. Use provider=”SMTP”, port=2525, Auth type=”Login” and Encryption=”TLS”.