Database Servers

When deploying a Magento installation, it need to be backed by a MySQL server. New servers is easily provisioned and selected during deployments.

By allowing you to create new servers and select which deployment is served by which server you can optimize for cost by using one server for many deployments, or optimize for performance by using one server for fewer deployments.

You can also choose between different Server Types, this controls how much CPU, Memory and Disk is available on the server.

Database Server Types


This type is sized for about 10 mid-sized deployments.

Disk >=10 GB SSD (Auto increase)
Memory 13 GB
CPUs 2

Creating a new server

  1. Sign in to Console
  2. Go to Installations ‣ Database Servers ‣ Add new Database Server
  3. Fill in form according to the instructions below, and hit Save Database Server
Server Type
This controls how much CPU, Memory and Disk is available on the server.
Defines where in the world the server is deployed. It is highly recommended that it is the same as the cluster where your deployment is installed.
Maintenance Day & Maintenance Hour
Select the Maintenance window that best suit your traffic pattern. All automated maintenance will be scheduled during this period. Note: Some downtime will occur during maintenance.
Internal name for your own identification
Description or notes about this server. (Optional)